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My Neck is Warmer than Your Neck!

Well, I still haven’t started on any socks with the nice koigu I bought, but I am making some tiny practice socks with some cheap acrylic yarn using the book, “2-at-a-time Socks”, which teaches the mystery that is 2 socks simultaneously one ONE circular needle!

2-at-a-Time Socks

So far it’s a little baffling, but I’ve managed to knit two tiny cuffs so far. The yarn keeps getting tangled which makes it sort of annoying, but maybe I’ll figure out a good way to keep the balls apart as I get more experience with this method. I’m already wondering how on earth I’ll be able to do the heel flap and gusset, but I guess it will make sense as I go along. I hope I end up loving this method because it will surely cure my Second Sock Syndrome!

I’ve also finished my neckwarmer with the Cascade Baby Alpaca yarn I bought. I followed THIS pattern and I’m thrilled with how it turned out! The yarn is so cozy and warm and I’ve already worn this neckwarmer on several bike rides. It really keeps the chill out and I don’t have to worry about long scarf ends getting loose and flapping around as I ride.

Orange alpaca neckwarmer

Now I’m working on a matching pair of fingerless mitts to go with them. I’ve already got one of them done, and I hope to finish the other soon!

Hmm… what else? Oh! I had a crazy dream last night where I dreamt this amazing pattern for this cute crochet babydoll-style top. I had drawn it out on paper and started writing up a chart for it, and deciding what kind of decorative crochet edging should go along the sleeves and what kind of stitch would consist of the bodice… and then I woke up. I completely forgot what the pattern looked like and I felt a little sad when I came to the realization that I’m not a designer… and even if I could remember what it looked like, I wouldn’t be able to actually make it.

It was an inspiring dream, though! Who knows, my memory might return and I might be able to at least sketch what it looked like. I bet my friend Cecily would be able to help me deconstruct it!

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