The Never-Ending Socks

January 18, 2009 at 2:45 am Leave a comment

I had one goal for this weekend: finish my husband’s socks because I am really sick of knitting them and I want my sock-plate clear for when I start the Rockin’ Sock Club. (Sock plate…. ewww)


Ran out of yarn!

That’s right, I ran out of yarn. I can’t say I was that surprised, but I was in a stubborn state of denial until the bitter end. Even before I turned the heel I began to have that sinking feeling that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish, but I preferred to look the other way and say “I’m sure it’ll be fine – a little yarn goes a long way!” (Let me just say I am terrible at guessing how much yarn is needed to complete something and I was hopelessly optimistic).

Well, a little didn’t go a long way at all. I still have about 5 inches left to knit:

Ran out of yarn!

So I’ll have to order another skein and hope that it looks semi-similar to the original skein, which I purchased about 2 years ago. The most painful thing is knowing that the socks still aren’t done. I swear, they are testing my patience and are making me more prone to falling victim to Second Sock Syndrome again. I wish I hadn’t knit the leg part so long because then I’d probably have enough yarn to finish. But mostly, I wish my husband’s feet weren’t so big! Uggh… they will be completed though, mark my words!

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In which I find myself with more time on my hands, hence the lengthy post. Blog gripes

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