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Back from a crazy week

So, it’s been a little over a week since I’ve posted, but it feels like forever because I have hardly had any time to work on my various knitting projects! My husband and I barely got any sleep during the week leading up to his show – there was so much to do and we were up until 4 am or later every night! The show itself was a great success, and to celebrate we spent the weekend in Vegas with a friend. I brought some projects along and worked a little during the car trip, but the rest of the time I too busy enjoying Vegas, and was in charge of driving back. Vegas was fun, though… our room on the 53rd floor had a great view of the strip, we ate at a delicious (but expensive) buffet, saw Blue Man Group, and I won $50 at roulette on my first go. But I stopped right after that, which seemed to surprise the guy manning the table. I did have fun losing some dollars on the 1 cent slot machines (next to the old ladies… I guess I’m not what you would call a high-stakes gambler, myself!). It was a good time overall, but I was happy to return home to some normalcy and knitting time.

I haven’t made much progress on my husband’s socks or my jaywalkers, but I could hardly wait to cast on for my Rockin’ Sock Club socks: Queen of Beads.  I’ve heard of some people having problems with knotted or slubby yarn so I took my time when winding the ball… and didn’t see anything. (Phew!)Before I could dive in, I just had to take some more pics:

I’ll post progress pics later… but let me say the tubular cast on is amazing!! I’m knitting the socks one at a time on a teeny-tiny circ. Which, on one hand, is nice and convenient… but it’s almost TOO small… it kind of strains my hands…

I’m going snowboarding in a couple weeks, and since I don’t really have a warm winter hat, I decided to make one. I whipped up a Thorpe hat with some colorful Burly Spun by Brown Sheep. It was a quick project, but the final result isn’t quite as snug as I woud like, though I can tell it will be warm!

I then decided to do another hat that’s been on my queue for a long time… The Punk isn’t Dead Mohawk hat. Another quick knit and this one fits perfectly. It’s supposed to be felted in order to make the mohawk more fuzzy, but I didn’t want the cap itself to shrink. So I’m gonna hand-felt the fringe. Here’s some pics pre-felting:

Well, that’s it for now. I need to get some socks done….

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Show and Tell

Phew! I’m still insanely busy… our friend Atom comes in tomorrow and will be staying with us for a week, both for leisure and for helping my husband set up his art show which opens this week. (Atom is a talented furniture designer and he helped make some frames, display cases, laser cuts, etc. for the show). I’ve been cleaning alllll day and my back is aching. I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m 60 years old and not 29. And it’s amazing how antsy and irritable I get when I don’t have a chance to knit. It really does relax me and put my mind at ease – even if I only do a couple rows here and there. But today, I was so busy I didn’t even complete a single row and I can definitely feel the difference. It’s late and I’m exhausted but I may try to get a little knitting done before bed just to help me sleep easier!

Anyway, both my husband and I are really looking forward to seeing Atom again and showing him around LA….. but is it horrible of me to fret that I won’t get much knitting done while he’s here? (So selfish, I know!). Well, I’ll be sure to carry some projects around with me wherever I go and hope for some downtime!

Koto-Chan asked about my husband’s show:


It’s his first show and it will feature some of  his work which can be seen at and He’s big into papercuts, Victorian style, and macabre humor! I’m very excited for him, but there’s still much to do! I’m helping him print some booklets which we worked on together ( and I’m working on some stereoscopic images which we’ll display with an old-timey viewer.

Like the View-Master, only old-school! (Remember those? I used to love mine!)

Anyway… heading off to bed now. But just for the heck of it, here’s a couple pics of my Jaywalkers in progress. I’m knitting them with yarn from the WoW sock club in the Long Ears colorway. I love how the yarn looks with this pattern so far!

I still have to finish my husband’s socks. After running out of yarn I ordered a new skein of Beryl… but the new skein is noticeably lighter in color. I’ll have to tink back a few rows and begin alternating yarn to blend them in better. I just haven’t felt very motivated to do so yet…. but I’ll try to get around to it soon.

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